1st UCC Education Archive

Notes for classes that are not currently being offered are archived here.

Bible Study Fundamentals

Cosmology Fundamentals of Bible Study

Gospel of John

John Weeks 1-2 John Weeks 2-3 John Weeks 3-4 John Week 5
John Week 6 John Week 7 John Week 8 John Weeks 9-10
John Week 11 John Week 12    

Gospel of Mark

Wk. 1 Mark Overview Wk. 2 Beginning of Jesus' Ministry Wk. 3 Controversy at Capernaum
Wk. 4 Parables of the Kingdom Wk. 5 Miracles at Sea of Galilee Wk. 6 Preaching at Galilee
Wk. 7 Preparing the Disciples Wk. 8 Jesus' Ministry in Jerusalem Wk. 9 Passion, Death, Resurrection

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