News From First UCC Second Life

"Religion is the vision
of something which stands beyond, behind, and within
the passing flux of immediate things..."
-- Alfred North Whitehead in Science and the Modern World

Our Joint Service Featured Real Life Vacation Bible School

For quite a while we have been worshipping with Pastor Josh's real life congregation at the Thursday worship service.  Josh connects his laptop to the large screen in the real life sanctuary so the members of his real life congregation can see the worshippers at First UCC Second Life.  The Second Life folks can hear the real life congregants.  This use of technology for a joint worship experience even includes joint community prayer.  It's heart warming.

In August, the real life church had their Vacation Bible School and the Second Life folks had a real treat when a VBS character, Sally Spruce, came to worship in Second Life.  "Sally" is, in real life, a member of Josh's congregation so she could participate in both places! 

Sally Spruce and Pastor Josh in VBS costume

Our Certificate of Reception

At the May 27, 2017 meeting of the Eastern Association of the Southern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ, we received our Certificate of Recognition commemorating our installation last fall as a church with full standing.

We Did a Pajama Party!

Who says pajama parties are only for kids?  Our friends and members had fun expressing the "child within" at our May event!

Morning Prayer Added to Worship Schedule

We've added three morning meditation services to our schedule.  All the services will meet in Peace Grove.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 a.m. SLT.

UCC News Did an Article About Our Church

You can read Anthony Moujaes' article here.

Our February Party Was Prehistoric!

For more pictures click here.

Our January Concert: Electric Light Orchestra Tribute

 For more pictures click here.

Our Annual Christmas Ball Was Held December 15th

 For more pictures click here.

We Did a Medieval Ball as Our November Event

Our social event planner Marie and her real life spouse Kiva provided decor and music for our November social event.

Our Halloween Event Was Early

We did our Halloween dance a bit early because we have two major events in October.  On the 27th we will have a formal ball to celebrate our third anniversary as a real ministry in Second Life.  If you are not yet a Second Life resident, this is a perfect reason to become one.

We're Planning a Concert Series

In addition to our schedule of dances and themed parties, we are planning a series of concerts featuring a terrific Second Life group that does tribute concerts featuring several different classic rock bands.  Here's a picture of the stage used for the Pink Floyd Concert held on August 25th.  More pictures are here.

We Decided to Hold a Peace Party

The real world is experiencing a lot of things that remind us that we need to work toward peace everyday.  So, as a reminder and a fun fellowship time, Laurel and Marie and Kiva - our events, music and DJ folks - planned a Peace Party for July 28th.  It was uplifting and reminded us of our better selves!

Our Friend Suzie Anderton Did a Terrific Video For us

Our Pool Party Was a Huge Success

We raised enough in Linden Dollars (L$ - the currency of Second Life) to sell on the Lindex Exchange for USD that will support our latest sponsored child for a full year of education and health expenses.  We are immensely grateful to our members, friends and folk we hadn't even met yet, who came to the party and donated generously.  May God bless you!  Here's a picture of party-goers dancing the evening away to music provided by Kiva and Marie Fairport!

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