First UCC News

Acts II - A Second Course in Acts to Begin October 29th

First UCC Second Life - Explore Acts chapters 8-15 in this second course covering Luke's account of the very early church. 

Instructor is Pastor Newstart (aka in real life as Rev. Dr. Garber).  "It is not necessary to have attended the first course in Acts to enjoy the second and third courses," Newstart said.

Gathering Space

The classes will meet for one hour at 5:00 p.m. SLT (identical to U.S. Pacific) on Thursdays beginning October 29, 2020.  Classes are held in the Gathering area on the second floor of the First UCC Second Life Worship Center.  Those attending are reminded that the teleport system will take them to the Gathering area from several places on the main island of the First UCC campus.

Single class religious education related events occur on some Fridays at First UCC Second Life.  Consult the church calendar for information about all events, including worship, meditation, education and social.

Halloween Party Held October 22nd

First UCC Second Life - Friends and Members gathered in Club Diversity on Thursday, October 22nd for our annual Halloween dance party.  The ballroom was transformed into a spooky ballroom for the event and many who attended chose costumes for the evening.

Halloween Party

First UCC offers a themed social event each month.  Some events relate to the time of year or a holiday celebration and others are an opportunity for those who attend to find a fun new outfit for their avatar for a formal dance occasion. 

Music is provided by disc jockey Kiva Fairport who creates a custom play list designed for the evening.  Requests for music are welcomed too.

Informal dancing and socializing happens regularly after Sunday worship in one of the First UCC dance clubs.  All are welcome at all First UCC events.

Social events are coordinated by First UCC Events Director, Marie Fairport.