First UCC News

New Narnia Series Class Offered

First UCC Second Life - Explore CS Lewis' The Silver Chair starting August 13th.  Class instructor Pastor Josh noted, "You do not have to have been to Narnia before in order to enjoy this class! You do not have to read ahead or even have a copy of the book--although it helps--because will be reading the book out loud together and delving deep into it as we go."

The classes will meet for one hour at 5:00 p.m. SLT (identical to U.S. Pacific) on Thursdays beginning August 13, 2020.  Classes are held in the Gathering area on the second floor of the First UCC Second Life Worship Center.

Sock Hop Social Was July Event

First UCC Second Life - Friends gathered in Club Diversity on the First UCC campus July 16th to chat and dance to music provided by our DJ, Kiva Fairport.  First UCC provides a themed dance party event every month.

Dancing in Club Diversity

Social events are coordinated by First UCC Events Director, Marie Fairport.